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Happy Together

Our Spring / Summer 2022 collection "Happy Together" takes you outside. It is the feeling of finally having time for each other, taking deep breaths and enjoying a sense of freedom, that inspired our collection.

Joint singing, outside picknicks, marshmallows over the fire and experiencing adventures close to nature in a community.

 Let’s get outside and seek adventures that connect !

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Colorful summer

Matching the new collection you will find pictures to download, so the kids can paint our new patterns as they please.

Simply click on the picture, all designs are available to download as a PDF file. 

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Funny self-designed prints, playful details, self-designed fabrics, modern cuts and on top of that a respectful treatment of our planet, its raw materials and the people who work with us. That is exactly what we stand for.


Dress your child in a trendy way and with a clear conscience!

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fair & sustainable 

"It is my goal to impact the environment as little as possible in order to create a more sustainable world for our children. A world in which we take care of one another and of the resources of the planet!"

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" As Marraine of 3 wonderful godchildren, it is particularly important to me that the fabrics are free of chemicals ! "

Alexandra Rauw, founder & designer Marraine Kids