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Funny self-designed prints, playful details, self-designed fabrics, modern cuts and on top of that a respectful treatment of our planet, its raw materials and the people who work with us. That is exactly what we stand for.


Dress your child in a trendy way and with a clear conscience!

Sweater Love aus Bio Baumwolle mit Firmenloge, Fuchs, Eichhörnchen und Hase


fair & sustainable 

"It is my goal to impact the environment as little as possible in order to create a more sustainable world for our children. A world in which we take care of one another and of the resources of the planet!"

Marraine Kids, Alexandra Rauw mit Kinder Models in der Marraine Kids Kollektion



" As Marraine of 3 wonderful godchildren, it is particularly important to me that the fabrics are free of chemicals ! "

Alexandra Rauw, founder & designer Marraine Kids

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