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   Our story    

The origin of the label is the love of a "Marraine" for her godchildren.

Our brand ambassadors - fox, rabbit and squirrel - stand for the founder's 3 godchildren 
and they carry their nicknames.


The career of designer Alexandra Rauw and the founding of the company Marraine Kids

Birth of Lilly
Birth of Cato
Birth of Jaja

Gerry weber


First work experience in

the fashion industry

Natan (Brussels)

Tuzzi (Dusseldorf)

Profound experience in smaller

fashion companies.


Insights into 

collection planning, calculation

and production.


Foundation of children's label Marraine Kids


MA Fashion Design

University of Trier


BA Fashion Design

HELMo Liège

My first godchild, Lilly, was born in 2010.

After successfully completing my bachelor's degree in fashion design in 2009, I was able to gain my first professional experience in the fashion world shortly after she was born.

I quickly realized that this was not the way I visualised. 


I decided to do a Master of Arts (degree in 2013). At that time, I already had the long-term vision of starting my own business. It was clear to me, however, that I couldn't take this step straight away because I lacked contacts and deeper insight into the structure of a collection. That is why I decided to work for smaller fashion labels the year my second godchild, Cato, was born. My last job gave me enough insights into collection planning, calculation and production.


In 2018, my third godchild, Jaja, was born, and I became a proud mother myself. At this stage, I was sure 
that I had everything to realize my dream -

that was when my brand Marraine Kids was born .


Alexandra Rauw, Gründerin & Designerin von Marraine Kids

My motto / slogan “sustainable coolness” contains two very important concepts for me. On the one hand, a sustainable and chemical-free production is very important to me. But there should not be any lack of style and fashionable details in these ecological clothes. This is where the second concept comes into play: coolness.

All designs, prints and printed fabrics were created by myself and follow the fashionable trends that, in combination with high-quality fabrics and materials, make our children's clothing an absolute eye-catcher.

Alexandra Rauw, founder & designer of Marraine Kids GmbH

The Marraine Kids collections stand for playful, childlike details that are fun. They inspire the little ones to discover, stimulate the imagination and are processed in a child-friendly manner. Without foregoing good quality - that is certified fabrics, a fair and sustainable production.

We rely on transparency and the best standards in fabric selection.

Production is consciously kept local in order to avoid long delivery routes, costs and environmental pollution.


It's our goal

to create a sustainable future and to produce fairly.

verspieltes Design
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