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Time to rethink!

First some facts:

According to Greenpeace, the textile industry causes more emissions than the shipping and aviation industries combined.


The consumption of clothes is increasing steadily, with the clothes being worn only half as long as 15 years ago. Many items of clothing end up in the trash, unworn.


Mountains of old clothes are growing into the sky: In Belgium alone 169.949 tons of textile waste are produced annually, that's 14.8 kg per person, making Belgium the sad leader in Europe.


Of the 170 000 tonnes mentioned above, only 8% are recycled. 10% find a new owner. A quarter is burned, which increases CO2 emissions. The rest ends up in landfills.


These are just a few of the many, sometimes frightening, facts that essentially contain the same message:


The current trend in the textile industry is and will continue to be a significant burden on our environment.


This trend, which has a high consumption of resources and is carried out at the back of the environment and the workers in low-wage countries, is called "fast fashion". Textile discounters produce up to 24 collections a year in order to lure consumers into the store again and again. Clothing becomes a mass product and then often disposable, often due to the short shelf life and poor quality.


With our brand, we want to counteract this trend. That is why we have set ourselves the following goals:


100% made in Europe 

From the design to the materials to the finished garment.

We are transparent and show the different stages behind Marraine's favorite pieces.

Tagua as vegetable ivory.jpg

sustainable materials

Our entire concept is dedicated to this topic. In addition to our clothing, all other ingredients are of course made from organic or recycled materials.


limited number of pieces

High-quality, sustainable and European production is particularly important to us. All this can rarely be guaranteed through mass production.

In contrast to "Fast Fashion", our focus is on "Slow Fashion".

online sommer winter-01.jpg

2 collections a year

A summer and a winter collection perfectly tailored to the needs of our children.

Every now and then less is more!

Lookbook available soon

playful design

Funny self-designed prints, playful details that bring joy. They inspire the little ones to discover and stimulate their imagination.

If you also value environmentally friendly materials, as well as local processing and cool design, we would be happy to see you in our online shop .

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