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materials from Europe


Our entire concept is dedicated to this topic. In addition to our garments, the other ingredients such as buttons, packaging and hang tags are of course made from organic or recycled materials.

These materials make our garments the perfect mix of sustainability and fashionable design.

Already knew?

Around half of all textiles worldwide are made of cotton. In Europe, 47% of all clothing textiles are made from this natural fiber.

Source: WWF

The production

of organic cotton uses 91% less water than the production of conventional cotton.


Source: TextileExchange

20,000 liters of water are

needed to manufacture

1 kg of conventional cotton

(this corresponds to 1 t-shirt and 1 pair of jeans).

Source: WWF


Organic cotton

Cotton is skin-friendly, very hard-wearing, easy-care, soft to the touch and is also very comfortable to wear. So just good enough for our little ones!


We only use cotton from certified organic cultivation. In contrast to conventional cotton, this cotton does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified seeds.


The Tagua nut (also known as the corozo or ivory nut) is the seed of a South American palm that belongs to the genus of the corozo palm (Phytelephas).


The nuts which are often called "vegetable ivory" acquire the hardness of a bone after drying for a long time. Then they are sawn into slices, turned into buttons, polished and colored as desired.


The corozo button is therefore very robust. It can withstand normal washing and the touch of a hot iron. Its natural surface structure and the marbling pattern that it is often given makes the corozo button unique.


Some facts about



Recycled polyester is of almost the same quality as newly produced polyester, but its production requires 59% less energy.


5 PET bottles provide enough thread for an extra large

There is also natural polyester.

Earth bees are a natural supplier of polyester. They line their nests with it.


Source: Fascination Chemistry


Recycled polyester

In addition to organic cotton, we do also focus on sustainability with polyester. Polyester is a synthetic plastic that is also used in plastic bottles. It is composed of hard coal, lime, crude oil and natural gas. A lot of energy is therefore required to manufacture polyester.


That's why we at Marraine Kids try to use this material only to an extremely limited extent. In some cases, however, the use of polyester is unavoidable. For example, the pleated fabric needs some plastic so that the creases do not disappear the first time you wash it. In order to do justice to the environment, we only purchase recycled polyester.


Our environmentally friendly packaging also has the smallest carbon footprint possible .


Our hang tags are made of certified recycled paper and our cardboard packaging is made of environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard that only uses water-based inks.


The entire packaging is plastic-free, according to the motto of our award-winning German packaging supplier Biobiene - "A world without plastic waste".

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